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今天DOT TK这个位于托克劳群岛的域名托管商cancel掉了我的域名(,理由是我的域名指向了404。
From: Dot TK Abuse and Copyright Infringement Department <> Date: 30 December 2010 23:53:07 GMT+08:00 To: ss1271 Subject: Your domain name has been cancelled Reply-To:
Dear ss1271, The Dot TK Abuse and Copyright Infringement department has visited your website today. Unfortunately we have to say that today we cancelled your domain SS1271.TK. No-one can re-register this domain again at this stage. This may change in the future. The reason for the cancellation is that the website address you used for your Dot TK domain name was not accessible, has an error page or gave a Page Not Found message. It takes at least 15 days before this domain may become available again for re-registration. We thank you for using Dot TK.
Dot TK Abuse / Copyright Infringement team
我表示完全不能接受这个结果。于是一边写了措辞激烈的回信,一边注册了新域名 (本来想注册www.yaxi.com的,结果发现被清华的一个哥们注册了)因此,从您看到这篇blog起,我将着手把feed改为新的页面。 谢谢您的合作与订阅。 近期将继续发布留学流水账。