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[ZT]Internet Slang_Letter(字母N~S)

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N1 — “Nice one” N/A — “Not applicable” or “not available” NB — Short for “nabei”, commonly used in mmorpgs as a swear word. Closest approximation of meaning — see CB. NBD — “No big deal” NFBSK — “Not for British school kids”, originally from message boards at, used sometimes in place of NSFW. NFS ; “Not for sale”. Commonly used in MMORPGs when someone wants to buy another player’s equipment newb — Short for “newbie”; meaning someone who is new, usually at a game NFAHRU? — “Not from around here R U?” NG — “Newsgroup” NG — “No good” Ngaaaah — A cry of frustration or triumph, which one can speak out loud by using the throat and nasal passage to produce a loud and at times annoying sound. Used comonly in some school environments to annoy a teacher as a class unit. This cry can also gain the attention of ones peers Nh — “Nice hand”; used in online card games. NI — “No idea” NIB — “New In Box”, from eBay ( auctions. N1994, N199312 — Leet speak for “nigga/nigger” NIFOC — Naked in front of Computer NM or N/M — “Never mind” or “not/nothing much”. Also “no message”, used on message boards to indicate that all the text is in the post’s title, and that it need not be opened itself. NM U: “Nothing much, you?” (generally said after sup) NMFYS — Unknown acronym from comic Badly Drawn Kitties, a webcomic. User-created “solutions” include “Not Mentioned For Your Sanity” and “Not My First Yellow Submarine,” see the BDK Comic. ( NMNHNLM — Acronym for “no money no honey nobody loves me” originating from HWZ forums NN — “Night night” like “good night” Also: “Nerf Noodle” (someone who doesn’t belong on a computer), or “Nazi Newbie” (a know-it-all newbie who corrects everyone) noob — Shorthand/leet spelling of “newbie”. Also spelled “n00b”, with two zeroes rather than two Os (see leet)”nub” or “newb”. In some Internet circles, the term “noob” or “n00b” has a negative connotation, generally not associated with “newb” or “newbie”, where being a n00b carries a connotation of ignorance and laziness. N00bs may lack the energy or the gumption to RTFM or otherwise attempt to find out about a subject themselves — even given the ready availability of the information — and instead choose to bother others. A newbie, on the other hand, simply comes fresh to a subject, with no particularly negative connotations. Internet Games such as “Call of Duty”, “Counter-Strike”, the Battlefield Series, and “Medal of Honor” commonly use the term “n00b”. n0083127z — “Nooberts” a mutation of n00b, often used to describe someone who not only demonstrates stupidity, but is also has less esteem or less power than the speaker NORE; “No Rematch” (Usually said by the victor) Norp — from pr0n. Used to discreetly speak of pornography without alerting the attention of others (less obvious in meaning than pr0n) NORWICH; “Knickers off ready when I come home” (UK, pre-Internet) NOYB — “None of your business” NP — “No problem”; Neopoints, currency on the free web game Neopets. NPNT — “No picture, no talk”, originlly from Hardwarezone — EDMW NPA — “Not paying attention” NR — “No reserve” NR4U — “Not right for you” NS — “Nice shot”; used sincerely in competitive and cooperative online games such as GunBound, or Medal of Honor. Also, “No Shit”; sometimes used as “NSS” for “No Shit, Sherlock” NSFW — “Not safe for work”; indicates that one should avoid using a link from a workplace due to the presence of pornography or of other unsuitable content. Used at Fark and on some message boards. See also SFW. NT — “No text”; used on Internet forums or Usenet to indicate that a post has no content. Also, “nice try”; used by gamers. NTH — “Not totally here” NVM — “Never mind” NWS — “Not work safe”; see NSFW. Nyo — A usually meaningless word/particle attached to the end of sentences, similiar to the word “hiyo” used by Johnny Carson O — “Oh” OAR — On a roll — referring to someone’s luck during Internet games. Winning several games in a row (3 or more) would constitute an OAR. OBTW — “Oh, by the way” OS — “Oh, shit!” oh noes!!!!111 — An exaggerated expression of despair, often used for humorous effect. OIC — “Oh, I see” OMD — Exclamation; varient of OMG. Is both a “bastardization” of OMG as well as standing for “Oh my dog” OMG — Exclamation, “Oh my God/goodness!” OMFG — Exclamation, “Oh my fucking God!” OMGWTFBBQ — “Oh my God, what the fuck, bar-be-que.”; used in a humorous manner in reference to those who abuse Internet slang. OMGWTFNIPPLES — “Oh my God, what the fuck, nipples”, used in a humorous manner in reference to those who string together too much Internet slang in one word OMFL — Exclamation, “oh my fucking lag!” OMW — “On my way” OOC — “Out-of-character”; usually in MMORPG or MUD settings when a player isn’t acting out his/her part. It was also used in fanfiction to indicate likewise. Also, “out of curiosity”. OOO — “Out of the office”; Used similarly to MIA. “Ken is OOO today.” Also, OOM — “out of mana” (used in games with a “mana” or “energy” bar) OP — Original poster Op — Operator, a moderator or moderators of a chat room OSIB — “Open skull insert brain” OT — “Off-topic” OTC — “Over the counter” - items bought from stores without a permit or without requireing a permit. (Pre-dates the Internet) OTP — “One true pairing”, meaning two characters believed to be perfect together, usually not canon. Used in fanfiction OTOH — “On the other hand” OTTOMH — “Off the top of my head” OTW — “On the way” OUACOWA — “Open Up A Can Of Whoop-Ass”, meaning an amaizing thing. Coined from the roleplay game Unknown Armies. OU812? — “Oh you ate one too?”, reference Van Halen for “You’re stoned too?” druggie slang. OXO (oxa, oxå) — Norwegian/Danish (Swedish) shortening of the word “også” (“också”), which translates to “too” or “also” own, owned, OWN3D, ownt — (see also pwn) To defeat someone (used commonly when playing Counter-Strike) or to humiliate someone tactically in a debate; to exhibit extreme coolness (for example: “BMWs totally own”). ownzer — One who “owns” (see own) OYATM — “One Year Ago This Month” used in Usenet binary groups when posting content that has just recently become old enough to post. OQC — “Only Quality Crap” p. P911 — “Parents are here, don’t type sumthin’ stupid!” P2P — “Peer-to(2)-Peer”. Also “pay-to-play” for games with subscription fees like Everquest, RuneScape, or Dark Age of Camelot. PAW — “Parents are watching” (Also see “POS”) PCBD — “Page cannot be displayed”; Internet Explorer error when attempting to visit an invalid link or URL, or when a Web server times out. PCC — Short for par-chiew-cheng. Chinese short for the act of male masturbation. PEBKAC — “Problem exists between keyboard and chair”, referring to in human error. See PICNIC and ID10T. PFO — “Please fuck off” PIIDB — “Put it in da butt” (referring to anal sex) PITA — “Pain in the ass” PICNIC — “Problem in chair, not in computer”, referring to in human error. See PEBKAC and ID10T. Piconjo — A shared account on Large numbers of people, under the guise of Piconjo accounts, submit explicit animations of NG animators, in an attempt to “pwn” them. Piconjo speaks in fluent 1337 and claims to have “pen0r power”. Pic(s), pix — Used in reference to a picture. Usually posted when someone wants another person to post a picture. This could be used in many different situations, but is most prominent when someone is talking about a woman or girl. PLS, PLZ — “Please” — predates Internet PM — “Private message” PMG — Can sometimes be seen instead of “omg”, which means “oh my God” PMIBD — “Pardon me I’m brain dead!” PMSL — “Pissing myself laughing”, synonymous with “LMAO”, above and “ROFL”, below. PO, PO’d — “Piss off”, or “pissed off” POTAS; Person Of The Appropriate Sex, that is, a person of the sex that one finds attractive. A more politically correct term than “person of the opposite sex” POS — “Parents over shoulder”; a warning, by kids, that parents may be watching. Also, “piece of shit”. (Also see “PAW”) POV — “Point of view” ppl, ppls — “People”. pro, pr0 — “Professional”; meaning someone is really good, usually at a game. pRO; “Philippine Ragnarok Online” MMORPG pron, pr0n — “Porn” (short for pornography); intentional misspelling used to avoid automated filters on certain words. protal, pr0tal — a misspelling of “portal”, an automated system used on websites such as Newgrounds to manage submitted content. prv — “Private” similar to PM; usually used for IRC private messaging PTBB; “Pass the barf bag,” coined in the discussion list in the ’90s. PvE — Player versus environment PvP — Player versus player pwn, pwned (also p0wn or pwnt) — An accidental or intentional mistyping of “own”. Sometimes used to speak of illegal activities. See “own” above. P07; Another way to type “pot” as in “weed” or “grass”. other ways to say this include: w33d, po7 q07 qot and \/\/33d. More abbreviations exist: see leetspeak Q. qft — “quoted for truth”, means something along the lines of “I second that statement!”. ql, qool, qoolz — “Cool” (in the American sense) qwn, qwnt, qwned — Deliberate typo of “pwn” (which see), which is a deliberate typo of “own” QQ — “Crying eyes” (of perhaps Hong Kong Origin) meaning “oh poor baby” (false pity) R. R — “Are” r0x0rz (also rox0rs and other forms) — Leet speak for “rocks”. R8 — “Right”, “rate” RCT — RollerCoaster Tycoon RD — Red Dwarf RE — rematch; often used in online games re/rehi — “Hello again”, used on IRC, especially popular with Europeans. Mentioned in the Jargon File. refl — Deliberate mistype of “ROFL” reflectoporn — from eBay ( auctions created by exhibitionists who sell various metal/glass dishes, bowls, spoons, with themselves reflected nude on the surface of the item. rents - short for “parents” rgr — “Roger” aka “affirmative” or “10-4”, radio talk; “Roger that”, meaning “message acknowledged”. rifk — Deliberate mistype of “ROFL” RIFY — Read if You Like; often used such that ‘if you like __ you will probably like this’ RL — “Real life”; often used in online games to refer to life outside of the game (which some would see as fictional!), see IRL. rly — “really”; usually used as “o rly” to signify one’s stupidity at not knowing the topic at hand. ROFL, ROTFL, ROFLMAO — “Rolling on the floor laughing (my ass off)”; as a reply to something extremely amusing. ROFLMAOPIMP; “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off peeing in my pants” ROFLCOPTER — The superlative of ROFL roffle — Alternate version of “ROFL”, based on the latter’s supposed verbalisation. roffle out loud — A form of “ROFL” or “LOL”, intended to mock those who use many acronyms in speech. ROFFLMFAO — “Rolling on fucking floor laughing my fucking ass off” (Pronounced roffle-em-fayo). roj — “Roger” aka “affirmative” ROR — “Raughing out roud”, an Engrish variant of LOL. ROLF — “Rolling on the laughing floor”, a misspelling of “ROFL”. RSN — “Real soon now”, sense of sarcasm. ROTFLBTC — “Rolling on the floor laughing, biting the carpet” ROTFLMHO — “Rolling on the floor laughing my head off”; alternative to ROTFLMAO. Some people may leave out the “T” so it will be ROFLMHO ROTFLMAOSTC — “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off scaring the cats”; another alternative to ROTFLMAO ROFLMOO — “Rolling on the Floor Laughing my Organs Out” ROFLKMD — “Rolling On the Floor Laughing Kazaa Media Desktop” or “Rolling on the floor laughing kicking my dog”; another alternative to ROFL RTFA — “Read the fucking article”; applies mostly to Slashdot threads, in response to users who make comments on a story without having read it first. RTFRFC — “Read the fucking RFC”, similar to RTFM, telling someone to read an RFC to find his or her answer. RTFM — “Read the fucking/friendly/fine manual”, the frequent reply to a request for basic help from newbies who have not attempted to find the answer for themselves. RTFMFM — “Read the fucking manual fucking moron”; derived from RTFM with slightly more emphasis on the newbie’s lack of intelligence. RTFP — “Read the fucking post”; derived from RTFA and also used on Slashdot. RTFS — “Read the fucking/fine source”, frequently used when documentation for a software program is lacking or absent. RTL — “Report the loss”; usually used in online gaming; used sarcastically when one loses or gets fragged RTSD — “Rush That Shit Down” originating from underground Street Fighter gaming communities. Namely, Possibly also rooted in Ebonics. Used to convey taking advantage of a good thing. (e.g. Filet-O-Fish only $0.99 on Fridays? RTSD!). Originally used to describe a play style where one overwhelms the opponent with many quick and up close attacks. RU — “Are you” rut — “Are you there?” S. S — “Smile”, usually written *S* or <S> to separate it from the surrounding text. See “G”. S2R — “Send-to-receive”; indicates that one expects to receive a file (usually an image) before he or she sends his or hers. sif — “As if” sifn’t — “As if not”, used in reply to “sif”. SCNR — “Sorry, could not resist” SH — “Shit happens” SLAGIATT — “Seemed like a good idea at the time” Helpful for comments when refactoring embarrassing software design decisions. Pre-Internet. SMD — “Suck my dick” SMDVQ — “Suck my dick very quick” SO — “Significant other”; a termed encapsulating a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. SOB — Son of a bitch Soz — “Sorry”, apparently only used in the UK. SFW — “Safe for work”; material (pictures, webpages) that is safe for the office. Used at Fark. See also NSFW. Alternate meaning (which may not be appropriate in the office): “So fucking what?” SOW — Abbreviation of Spirit of the Wolf, a commonly asked-for spell in EverQuest, which makes a player run faster. Smeg — Meaning the same as “fuck” or “bugger” (popularized by Red Dwarf, a British TV sitcom). SMF — “Simple Machines Forums” sroucks — Means even when something rocks, it sucks (or something in between), or vice versa. Often used in a sarcastic way, as to let others remain in doubt if it’s praising or just the opposite. sry — “Sorry” srsly — “Seriously”, usually used as an interjection; to signal a sarcastic response to an inane remark. SSDD — “Same shit, different day.” SSIA — “Subject says it all”; used in newsgroup postings and the like. STFM — “Search the fucking manual” STFNG — “Search the fucking newsgroup” — variant on STFW STFU — “Shut the fuck up” STFW — “Search the fucking Web” stooge — Referring to an idiot, which can be spelled st00g3. A variant exists as “stoogewagger”, which means more of a n00b and a “stooge”. STW / STK — “Share The Wealth” or “Share The Knowledge”. Most commonly used on Warez sites, it is a request that another user share a serial number or cracked software download. On Hacker forums, often refers to sharing information about a new exploit. SUAGOOML — “Shut up and get out of my life” sugarpic — A digital erotic, nude or suggestive image of one’s self, usually sent online to a lover or to a friend sup? — “What is up?” sux, sux0rs, suxxor — Leet speak for “sucks”, “suckers” SWAK — “Sealed with a kiss” SWALK — “Sealed with a loving kiss” (pre-Internet) SWMBO — “She who must be obeyed” To    be  continued…