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Shortcuts of BlackBerry Browser

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From Maxpda forum (

These shortcuts may also works under non-english UI (ie. Chinese)

NOTE: "+"means hold the keys simultaneously; the caption letter means a key in BlackBerry keyboard.

G: go to

While u r typing address, u can use SPACE to instead of "."; CAP+space to enter a "/"

space: while u r browsing, press SPACE to scroll down, CAP+SPACE to scroll up.
U: toggle full screen on/off
R: refresh the page.
S: search in page.
T: go to the top of the page.
B: go to the bottom of the page.
D: minimum the Browser and show the home screen.
A: add to bookmark.
S: save currunt page to URL lists.
K: show your bookmarks.
O: show the settings of your Browser.
P: show the address of currunt page.
L: show the link.
C: show the info. of data connection.
I: show the history.
X: show the "page view".
ALT: toggle zoom in/out, using with trackball or quickwheel.
ALT+R,B,V,S: show the source code of the currunt page.
H: go to home page( press DEL to stop loading the default home page. )

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