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【黑莓糖】BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Verizon版谍照(BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Caught in Verizon Garb)

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by Chris Ziegler, posted Feb 3rd 2009 at 7:08PM

We’ve been hearing some idle chatter that RIM intends to redo its Pearl 8220 flip in a CDMA flavor any minute now – and RIM’s one of the best manufacturers in the game at spreading its wealth equally between the GSM and CDMA sides of the fence, so an 8230 model seemed like a foregone conclusion from the moment the 8220 was announced. Sure enough, we now have a shot of a Verizon-branded 8230 doing its thing – not really what Bold hopefuls on Verizon were hoping for, we’d imagine, but a solid consumer-grade offering nonetheless. The fella who posted the shot over on CrackBerry’s forums doesn’t know what colors will be available at launch, but mentions that he expects it’ll be "coming soon." CTIA in April, perhaps?
[Via Boy Genius Report]

我们听到有传言说RIM随时都可能开发一个Pearl 8220的CDMA版本,RIM旗下最好的制造商也非常善于在GSM和CDMA阵营中博弈,所以这个8230样机看起来很像很像当初8220发布时候的样子。总之,可以肯定的是, 我们现在看到了贴着Verizon牌子的8230,确实不是像大家期望的那样——Verizon来发布Bold,尽管我们已经考虑到了固定客户群的经营模式。在CB论坛上贴出照片的那哥们并不清楚到底8320会有多少种颜色一起发布,但是他提到“这东西很快就会有了。”莫非是在四月的CTIA?