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OK...I Bought HP 728 HPC

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HP 728 HPC means Hewlett-Packard Jornada 728 Handheld PC, a famous type of handheld PC manufactured by HP nearly 5 years ago.

Pic: a HP Jornada 728 with Original Docking beneath it.

Thus u may ask that why I bought a obsolete device. The fact is, however, Jornada 728 has long been studied by embedded linux fans, as far as I know, there were at least 2 version of linux that was running on it: 720 degree and JLime.

The Jornada 728 that I bought is a second h anded device which still owns approximately 80% new at the price of RMB¥630(approx.US$100)and, of course, a plenty of accessories with 2.5GB Seagate CF MicroDrive, COM port Sync wire, PC port WiFi card, Batteries—-masses of accessories are the very important aspect of a second handed device, in my opinion, nevertheless, it’s a pity for me not to buy the additional docking due to my tight budget…sigh…

Pic: the FRONT sight of HP Jornada 728

My Jornada 728 will be delivered to me a few days later, and I’m sure I will compile a linux for it. Therefore, let’s waiting for its appearance!

Pic:Jornada 728 with its lid closed.