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AP News(Jun.11.2008)

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1. A plane carrying about 200 passengers veered off a runway in Sudan and burst into flames. Local television reports at least 100 people are dead. The Sudan Airways plane was landing in Khartoum at the end of a flight from Amman, Jordan.

2. In Wisconsin, authorities are watching dams in this rain-soaked state after a breach nearly emptied Lake Delton, washing away homes and a highway. A swamp of the Midwest is recovering from drenching storms. The weather is blamed for at least 15 deaths.

3. In the Senate, Republicans blocked a bill that would have imposed a new tax on profits from oil companies. Senators say the bill would have meant higher prices and increased oil imports. Meantime, gas prices rose another two cents to a national average of $4.04 a gallon.

4. On the side of a building in Japan, this woman tucks into bed, almost falling asleep. All part of a promotional stunt advertising a chain of hotels.