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AP News (Jun.8.2008)

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1. Senator Hillary Clinton has suspended her bid for the presidency. The former first lady was greeted by thousands of supporters in Washington. She’s urging everyone to support Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee.
2. Residents in northern Minnesota are cleaning up after strong storms ripped through parts of the Midwest, smashing houses and leaving thousands without power. The situation has been made worse for residents by hot temperatures baking the region.

3. The Olympic torch relay continues. It’s now going through Nanning, China. There was a moment of silence at the beginning of the relay to remember the victims of last month’s devastating earthquake.
4. Veteran sportscaster Jim McKay died of natural causes at his farm in Monkton, Maryland at the age of 86. When a raid to rescue Israeli athletes captured by terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics ended in tragedy, it was McKay who told Americans “They are all gone.”