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AP News (Jun.14.2008)

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1. NBC newsman Tim Russert has died. The network says its Washington Bureau Chief and host of Meet the Press collapsed and died at work. Initial reports said the cause was a heart attack, but now the network says it’s not sure. Tim Russert was 58.

2. Thousands have been evacuated from their Midwest homes, and there is a concern because more rain is expected in the region through the weekend. Nearly all of Iowa’s counties have been declared state disaster areas, and nine rivers are at or above historic flood levels.

3. A metal clip broke off space shuttle Discovery’s brakes, but NASA says the missing part doesn’ t pose a threat for tomorrow’s re-entry and landing. Ever since the Columbia tragedy 5 years ago, any shuttle part seen floating away in orbit gets NASA’s attention– fast.

4. R. Kelly was acquitted of all charges in his child porn trial, ending a six-year ordeal for the R&B superstar. The Grammy Award-winning singer had to faced 15 years in prison if convicted.