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AP News (Jun.12.2008)

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1. A sandbagged levee is still keeping the Cedar River out of downtown Cedar Falls, Iowa. But more rain is following and officials are asking for extra volunteer sandbaggers. Forecasters say a dry spell could be coming soon.

2. Low humidity and 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts are expected to make things tougher for crews battling wildfires in northern California. A blaze near Sacramento has already destroyed nearly 50 homes and buildings with another 275 threatened. Officials say the fire is about 60% contained.

3. Gasoline has reached another record. The national average is now $ 4.05 a gallon. The declining dollar and lower-than-expected oil stocks have pushed crude prices up again in New York.

4. And in Atlanta, a bizarre incident at a gas station. Witnesses say this man pulled in and started dancing naked on top of his car before getting back in, slamming his car into a row of gas pumps setting them on fire. Fire crews extinguished the blaze before it could spread to more pumps.