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AP News (Jun.10.2008)

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1. The true power of nature was on full display throughout the Midwest. Raging flood waters are still tearing through southern Indiana, swallowing farmland and homes. So far eight people have died from flooding in Michigan and Indiana.

2. McDonald’s has stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its US restaurants. That’s after concerns about salmonella food poisoning linked to some uncooked varieties. The grocer Winn-Dixie Stores said it was also taking some tomatoes off its shelves.

3. “It’s good to be home. ” That’s from Senator Ted Kennedy after he returned to his family’s compound on Cape Cod. The Massachusetts senator has been recovering from surgery to treat a cancerous brain tumor for the past week.

4. Apple has unveiled an upgraded iPhone with a faster Internet connection and GPS capabilities. Analysts say Apple needed to upgrade the iPhone’s Internet connection to work over third-generation wireless networks. The company is hoping to hit its target of selling ten million of the devices by the end of the year.